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Join the team!

Join the team!

Kevin Dorlon

A Builder of Actual Solutions. Not a Typical Politician.

I am a Proud Republican candidate!!  As a builder and businessman, my entire career has been to produce results. I spend a great deal of time listening to people; listening to their concerns and their vision of exactly what it is, that they desire. I listen to understand what is important in their lives.  I will be working together with the people in my community to solve issues and create solutions - New Jersey needs to be put first. We need lower taxes, and more federal support for our small businesses, families, schools, police, people with disabilities and so much more. I was born and raised in New Jersey. I have been asked by people all around me to represent our country. The question has never been why would you join politics, it has always been when!

People who know me describe me as outspoken and passionate. You know where I stand when you meet me. With a Bachelors degree in Political Science and 26 years owning and operating a business in NJ, my life is quantitative. I lead my team and my family with strength and care, and I have a voice to be heard. I'm running for this seat as I feel we need someone who is representative of our district. We need someone with life long experience in action, turning a plan into reality.  We need someone who spends their days making things happen. I'm not a lifelong politician or a millionaire; I am a hardworking, down to earth, stand up for what is right kind of guy - and I hope you read my "Solutions" page and reach out to learn more about me. I want to know your concerns and needs and be your voice on Capitol Hill. 

Dorlon for Family! Dorlon for Freedom!

Kevin Dorlon For Congress.

Together We Are One!

Vote. June 7th 


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